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The basis of all dance. Ballet requires commitment, discipline and passion.
Method: Cecchetti Member of Cecchetti International

Pre Primary and Primary – 1 lesson a week
Grade 1-5 – Minimum 2 lessons a week

Grade 6 & Up – 2 set and 1 unset class is recommended
(Hair in a bun with correct dance outfit)


A structured dance class to upbeat music., this develops co-ordination and listening skills while developing a sound dance technique as the dancer matures.


Expressive dance combining elements of modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet.


A blend of ballet and jazz.

Musical Theatre

Acting, singing and dancing to the music from famous shows and musicals.


Beginner gym – Teaching the basics


This class is based on the current trends in the dance industry, most of which can be seen in todays video hits/shows. It often involves intricate steps which requires strength and agility.


A fun energetic classic taught by Ms Cassie who is C.S.T.D trained.